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Mental Health / Brain Health

Mental Health issues have been increasing over the years like many of our modern chronic illnesses. They also require a multi pronged approach in order to get the best results. These include dealing with the Nutrient Deficiencies, especially related to Brain Cell Function and Mitochondrial Function in the neurons. Neurotoxicity must also be addressed along with the possible contributions of the Microbiome.

There are commonly psychological factors, especially with trauma, that can be helped with psychotherapy and "mind-body" approaches. Dr. Litman's experience as a psychotherapist in the past 30 years (mostly trained through The Adler School of Professional Psychology) and as a clinical supervisor for graduate students of The Adler School, gives him the additional tools to improve the outcomes.

Micronutrients and Mental Health. Part 1

Ted Talk: Dr. Julia Rucklidge:

The Surprisingly Dramatic Role of Nutrition in Mental Health

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