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I met Dr. Mel Litman when I was in a very dark place, debilitated by anxiety and panic attacks.  I had been under the care of a couple of psychiatrists in my teens and was prescribed extremely addictive medications, unbeknownst to me, or my father.  Sessions with the psychiatrists were uneventful, uninteresting conversations, and then the time would be up, and I would head out with another prescription held tightly in my hand. 


The problem was that even while taking these prescribed medications, I was still paralysed in fear, and experiencing extreme panic attacks.  I developed phobias, obsessive compulsive behaviours, and became terrified of being alone.  And then my path crossed with Dr. Litman, by chance. 


Words simply cannot explain how truly amazing Dr. Litman is, and the brilliant work that he does, spiritually, physically, mentally.  Dr. Litman took me under his care, listened intently, enlightened me with incredible feedback and knowledge and graciously lifted what I thought was a life sentence of dread and fear, to a life with goals and freedom. 


He was instrumental in getting me off of those incredibly addictive drugs.  I was able to complete a B.A. in Psychology and obtain a professional and fulfilling career; I gave birth to two wonderful sons; and I got on airplanes and travelled.  Phobias and OCD are no longer a part of my life. 


Dr. Litman is the most committed, dedicated and knowledgeable doctor who continues to study and learn.  I will remain forever grateful for his amazing insight and intelligence, his soft manner and carefully spoken words. 


In writing this, I took a step back into my past which was not easy for me.  It is truly miraculous to have the life I have today.  I remember in the past waking up dreading the mornings and hating the weekends, being crippled in endless fear and panic attacks.  Now I wake up and look forward to what I need to do that day, and truly embrace the freedom I have.  I would not be here in this mindset without the expert knowledge and compassion I received from Dr. Mel Litman.  And if I do come face to face with a panic attack, which happens from time to time, it no longer has the same hold on me.  When I think back to that young, troubled, teenage girl who was lost, alone and afraid, I know for sure that she would never have thought that she could live a life like I do today. 


This could not have been accomplished without Dr. Litman’s guidance, and I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone, for physical or mental health issues.  His knowledge on mineral and vitamin supplements has changed my life and my emotional state.




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