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Most of our modern chronic diseases result from a process which occurs over years of slow deterioration. Symptoms, however, may just suddenly appear AFTER significant damage has been done.

For example, the first symptom of heart disease for many people is a heart attack, and death.

It is easy to prevent degeneration, much harder to treat after the damage has been done.
This is accomplished through minimising TOXIC damage,
OPTIMISING our nutritional status, and keeping our physiology and biochemistry in as balanced a state as we can.

Here is how it works:

Typically, patients are given a set of blood tests to have done prior to the visit. These tests include 'extra' tests such as Vitamin and Hormone levels which give a clearer indication of the level of health. Tests are reviewed and discussed in detail. In addition, Dr. Litman asks the patient many questions to learn as much as possible with regards to all aspects of their health, both physical and emotional.

Based on the in depth analysis, the patient is given an individualised program including a variety of recommendations regarding diet and supplements, as well as other suggestions that address their specific needs to help them achieve optimum Balance, optimum Ener
gy levels, and move as far away from illness as possible

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