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About Dr. Litman

Academic Background

Dr. Litman is a graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School and practiced in Toronto, Canada from 1982 until 2006, when he made Aliyah. Since 2007, Dr. Litman has been practicing in Israel.


Dr. Litman is a member of the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine, the Canadian and Ontario Medical Associations, and the Israeli Association for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Litman instructed Residents in Family Medicine, Physical Therapists at the University of Toronto, as well as Psychology graduate students at the Adler School of Professional Psychology.


Dr. Litman regularly presents lectures to colleagues and the public, including lectures in Israel (Tel Aviv, Ra’anana, Be’ersheva, and Ben Gurion University).


Why Orthomolecular Medicine?


Following his residency in family medicine, Dr. Litman began practicing medicine in 1982 in remote areas of Canada, where he provided full in-patient hospital care and out-patient care. This experience led him to a deeper understanding of the strengths and limitations of conventional medical treatments.


Through the years, Dr. Litman trained in various disciplines in an effort to improve the quality of medical care for his patients. Some of the areas in which Dr. Litman acquired expertise include acupuncture, manual manipulation (sports medicine), and Adlerian psychotherapy.


In 1998 Dr. Litman commenced in-depth study of Orthomolecular Medicine, which has become his preferred method to fight disease. Orthomolecular Medicine is based on a deep understanding of the biochemistry of the human body, as confirmed by scientific research. As a result, this medical approach is not only very effective, but also extremely safe as it relies primarily on natural substances to promote healing.


Training in Orthomolecular Medicine has significantly enhanced Dr. Litman’s understanding of disease processes, and accordingly provides him with a powerful set of tools to achieve the goal of optimal health for each patient.

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