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Total Health


It came to a point where I was ready to give up. I tried everything and even medication wasn’t helping. My mother told me about “Dr. Litman” and I didn’t give it much thought b/c everyone has their own school of thought, and they think they have the answer when most people don’t.


You know what, no one ever bothered to check my “physical makeup” and see if my “vitamin/sugar/hormone level” were at the right place. Then it hit me, how are people meant to function if we are not getting basic nutrients that our body needs? Sometimes you don’t have to go far for the answer.


Your health and serenity come before anything. “Dr. Litman” gave me the basic necessities that I was missing. This was the start of a new life of self awareness and taking care of my health. It led me to change my diet by cutting out white flour and sugar. I started exercising 3 times a week.


I started tapping into myself and what I really need to feel good and live optimally.


Dr. Litman you changed my life !!!


Rivka M.

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