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What Dr. Litman did, and does for me is too big to fit into this description. I met him when I was in the emotional and mental crisis of my life, during my last pregnancy. 


So many factors of my life were coming to the surface in extreme ways in which I almost didn’t know who I was, and how I fit in. With a large family to take care of, I was overwhelmed, utterly confused, and panicked. I kept calling people in anguish trying to find help. 


Finally, I had the choice to go the medical, mental hospital route - or to be treated by this brilliant, caring man whom I’d just met. I chose the latter. With patience and extreme ability to listen and understand, he undertook to teach and help me gain the tools and skills to integrate myself into the world. 


My innate self began to mature and blossom. My now, much more confident persona was noticeable to others. With my growth, I was able to infuse these newly obtained strengths into my whole family. (With my BA in Psychology, he even helped me expand my knowledge by lending me a vast array of Psychology and related books. I even started doing Psychotherapy Counselling in my community.). 


More than being an extraordinary healer of the body, mind and spirit, Dr. Litman has extra G-d given talents.


M. Klein

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