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Dear Dr. Litman and Maya Litman,


We want to thank you for warmly receiving us in your home to treat my parents both physically and emotionally. Dr. Litman received us twice in his home on his free evening, and he used every possible means to help my parents.


Dr. Litman’s diagnosis was exactly right and the medications he prescribed made my parents “new people.” My mother, who suffers from diabetes, fully recovered from a chronic lesion on her leg, and internal infection. Her exhaustion completely disappeared and she now has her health back.


My father has epilepsy and has had a few strokes. He suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts. After a few months of treatment he is now feeling cheerful! He sings, laughs and is connecting with his surroundings. The treatment gave him an amazing recovery.


Both of my parents and I as well want to express our deepest gratitude to you.


We are happy for the opportunity for meeting you and wish you many years of success helping others.




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