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Palliative Care


In Sept. 2009, my father suffered a severe hemorrhage, and after several unsuccessful extubations eventually ended up in a semi-coma and in home hospice care. Because he had been previously diagnosed with a terminal illness, the doctors gave up not only on his recovery, but even on his regaining consciousness. Nevertheless, my brothers and I wanted to do everything possible to fulfil my father’s request, made while still conscious, to see his grandchildren one last time. So we turned to Dr. Litman for help, asking whether there was anything we could do. After a one-hour consultation, I had in hand a list of supplements that could be put into my father’s feeding tube.


After being on Dr. Litman’s supplement regimen for a month, my father began to wake up. After a week he was not only fully alert, he was accepted to a rehab center! The doctors were flat-out stunned by my father’s recovery, especially given his age – 81.


I have no doubt that the properly designed regimen of nutrients and supplements prescribed by Dr. Litman not only allowed my father to recover from the hemorrhage, but also helped him to maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible. My father was alert and functioning, able to interact with his children and grandchildren, right to the end – just as he had wanted.



Robert Klein
Be’er Sheva
email: RBK613 “at” hotmail . com

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