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Orthomolecular Medicine seeks to optimize normal physiology and biochemistry, aiming to bring the body into a natural and healthy balance.


After taking a history, and with a full understanding of the patient’s current symptoms, Dr. Litman will order a comprehensive battery of laboratory tests. He will then develop an individualized treatment program using a combination of natural substances such as: oral and intravenous vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, bioidentical hormones, and other important health-promoting substances.


Conventional medical treatments may also be included when indicated.


The effectiveness of treatment is continually monitored through further blood tests and changes in patient symptoms.


Orthomolecular Medicine helps to prevent the formation of disease. Where disease has already occurred, this approach seeks to correct underlying mechanisms in disease development, rather than merely suppress individual symptoms as they appear.


Some examples of disorders in which Orthomolecular Medicine has proven to be effective include the following:




Cancer >>
Hormone-Related Dysfunction >>
Brain Disorders >>
Cardiovascular Disorders >>
Auto-Immune Diseases >>
Immune System Related Disorders >>




For further information about Orthomolecular treatments for a variety of disorders please go to the following websites:

The Weston A. Price Foundation


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