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“…Integrative cancer care means:  The best cancer care strives

not only to increase tumor killing potential with the prudent use

of anticancer agents like chemotherapy, but also to prevent damage

to healthy tissue through nutritional intervention…

and the use of specific supplements…”

— Dr. Keith I. Block, Block Center, Chicago,

“Proper diet and supplements can substantially bolster the body’s ability to recover from cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can temporarily reduce tumor burden, but these therapies do not change the underlying causes of the disease. Comprehensive cancer treatment must include an aggressive nutrition component, which can increase life expectancy… along with chances for complete remission.


A well-nourished immune system is able to recognize and destroy the inevitable remaining cancer cells left after medical treatment…Nutrients can fortify the many defense systems in the body which prevent and reverse cancer everyday in millions of people.” 
— Beating Cancer with Nutrition, Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS.



In recent years there has been an extensive amount of medical research establishing the value of nutrition as a component in the treatment of cancer. The effectiveness of this research has been confirmed in practice by Dr. Litman and other integrative cancer practitioners around the world. Dr. Litman spends a great amount of time staying current with the latest developments, and incorporates this information in his practice for the benefit of his patients.


When meeting with a new patient, Dr. Litman obtains the patient’s medical history and detailed bloodwork. Upon review, Dr. Litman provides the patient with a highly customized nutritional program that is designed to not only fight the cancer, but also to optimize the patient’s overall health during cancer treatment. The program typically includes a recommendation for daily intake of certain vitamin and other oral supplements, complemented by further appointments at the clinic to receive intravenous vitamin therapy.



The Magic of Vitamin C



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