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 Hormone-Related Dysfunction

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone losses that occur at menopause (or even earlier) can cause symptoms, including hot flushes, which significantly interfere with quality of life and contribute to increased risk of a number of diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease and depression.


Our goal is to relieve disruptive symptoms such as hot flushes, while reducing health risks, in the safest way possible through the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a form of natural hormone replacement therapy.


Oral hormones have negative side effects. Dr. Litman uses natural remedies for menopause and hot flushes based on bioidentical hormones. Litman also uses methods that put the hormones more directly into the circulation — routes such as the inner cheek (called a ‘troche’) or, as a second choice, through the skin (creams).


In this way, hormones structurally identical to those produced in the human body can be replaced in balanced combinations (according to what is found lacking) in order to reproduce as closely as possible the physiology of the healthy body.

"In my opinion, treating Menopause comprehensively is much more than just״ estrogen replacement.  Estrogen is the main hormone to relieve the vasomotor symptoms of Menopause.  But there are receptors in the nervous system and many other tissues in the body for almost all the hormones, so it is important to correct as many of the deficiencies as possible to get the best results. The other hormones can also have beneficial effects on mood, bone density, immune system function, etc.


Hormones also tend to act in balance to others, and maintaining the balance can be important.  Possibly the best known example is the risk of Endometrial Cancer when estrogen is used alone, without the balancing progesterone.  And, although 'progestins' can stop the endometrial hyperplasia, they do not have the many other benefits of real progesterone--an important fact that is generally misrepresented in the medical information that we receive. 


(Also, importantly, the progestins appear to be the main culprit in the dangerous side-effects of regular HRT such as the breast cancer risk--not the estrogen.  Progesterone does not have these same risks.).


Please note my powerpoint presentation, which goes through a lot of the published data.״


Dr. Mel Litman



• Female Menopause and Male Andropause

• Sexual Dysfunction

• Thyroid Imbalance

• Diabetes






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