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“As I entered my 40′s, the perimenopausal symptoms started. As they worsened, I began to think that I would have to just stoically adjust to a new life with hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. The doctors at the health clinic I visited told me it was all in my head. They offered me a variety of anti-depressants.


I first heard Dr. Litman speak at a gathering for women. He spoke about bio-identical hormones. What he said made a little voice inside me say “Call him!” But it took me nearly another year until I finally did call him. By then, I was desperate. Even though to the outside world, I may have seemed calm and happy, on the inside I was suffering a terrible storm.


For me, Dr. Litman was a breath of fresh air. He listened to me and let me talk. He was knowledgeable, compassionate and re-assuring. I felt like I had finally found the doctor who knew how to help me! Why did I wait so long to contact him?!?! I immediately started a regimen of vitamins and bio-identical hormones. I had a particularly stubborn case. Even though at first I had some long spells of relief from those awful symtoms, my hormones would sometimes still rebel. But Dr. Litman persevered and told me that eventually, I would arrive at a hormonal balance. It took almost two years but I can finally say, I am feeling GREAT!!!! Ladies, take those bio-identical hormones. They are good for you! They protect your health and keep you feeling younger.


Throughout all this, Dr. Litman has been for me, a rock. His dedication to me as a doctor throughout the struggle to get my hormones back on track has been outstanding. He is always ready to listen and always ready to answer any questions. I finally feel like I have my old self back. Thank you Dr. Litman!!!!!”


Mrs. B.
Be’er Sheva

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