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We started our journey with Dr. Litman when my son was 2 years old, right after receiving a diagnosis of Autism. We came to him anxious and fearful. We had no idea where to begin the path to healing. Dr. Litman spoke to us, and explained everything, and calmed us down.


Our point of embarkment was when our child did not speak, maybe a few single words which were not effective for communication. He did not play, or play with others. He did not have eye contact. He would hit himself in the head. He slept very little at night, would fall asleep and then wake up soon after. This would continue throughout the night. He cried a lot, for no apparent reason. He was always twitching, and spinning and engaged in repetitive movements.


At the beginning of the treatment plan, Dr. Litman gave us instructions regarding which supplements to purchase. We also began giving B12 shots. We were instructed to begin the treatment, and return in two months for a follow up and continuation of the plan.


And we did this. At every meeting, Dr. Litman would adjust the protocol for the treatment according to the changes and progress we saw in the child. 


Today, our dear son is 5.5 years old. He speaks, communicates, plays with other children, attends a regular kindergarten without requiring any extra assistance. He behaves perfectly! It can be said that he is no longer on the Autism Spectrum.


We want to thank Dr. Litman from the depth of our hearts. Dr. Litman, who knew and understood how to create a long term healing program, how to fine tune his program so that it would match the issues he manifested along the way. 


We thank him for being on the journey, for his professionalism, and his continuous guidance.



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