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At the age of 18, I stopped getting my period, and was subsequently diagnosed with a condition called PCOS (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome.) I began a series of treatments since I was not ovulating on my own, yet nothing was successful. We finally decided to do IVF, which is a long and uncomfortable procedure, and this time I became pregnant with twins. During this pregnancy my cervix began to shorten and it ended in a pregnancy loss.


After this experience I decided to look into natural ways, and I was referred to Dr. Litman. Dr. Litman felt that the cause of my PCOS was a

deficiency in a number of crucial vitamins. He prescribed a number of vitamins, as well as natural progesterone, in order to pick up my levels to healthy ones. After about half a year of following his protocol, I became pregnant spontaneously, and had a healthy pregnancy throughout the nine months. During pregnancy the ultrasounds showed that my ovaries were healthy ones, and there were no visible cysts.


I am now a mother to a beautiful baby boy and will forever be grateful to Dr. Litman for helping me put my body back into health so that it can function in the way that it should.


Naomi N.


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