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Recommendation from the heart!

I found Dr. Mordechai Litman via a miracle, and since then I have begun to fulfil my dream -- to bring my son out of the world of Autism.

My son has been treated by Dr. Mordechai Litman since the age of 4, and today he is 8 years old. The transformation that occurred in the child is unbelievable. A Truly Visible Miracle! The boy was entirely in his own world. His hyperactivity was extreme, he had no speech, a variety of problems, ticks, chewing on his shirt and other objects, and more.

Today, after four years of treatment with Dr. Mordechai Litman, the boy is speaking almost fluently, showing a high level of intelligence in many areas, calm, peaceful, smart.

It can be said that with God's help, in the near future we will be completely free from the diagnosis of Autism.

Thank you very much to Dr. Litman. There are no words to express my joy.

Carmit K.

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