Hormonal Imbalance


“As I entered my 40′s, the perimenopausal symptoms started. As they worsened, I began to think that I would have to just stoically adjust to a new life with hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. The doctors at the health clinic I visited told me it was all in my head. They offered me a variety of anti-depressants.


I first heard Dr. Litman speak at a gathering for women. He spoke about bio-identical hormones. What he said made a little voice inside me say “Call him!” But it took me nearly another year until I finally did call him. By then, I was desperate. Even though to the outside world, I may have seemed calm and happy, on the inside I was suffering a terrible storm.


For me, Dr. Litman was a breath of fresh air. He listened to me and let me talk. He was knowledgeable, compassionate and re-assuring. I felt like I had finally found the doctor who knew how to help me! Why did I wait so long to contact him?!?! I immediately started a regimen of vitamins and bio-identical hormones. I had a particularly stubborn case. Even though at first I had some long spells of relief from those awful symtoms, my hormones would sometimes still rebel. But Dr. Litman persevered and told me that eventually, I would arrive at a hormonal balance. It took almost two years but I can finally say, I am feeling GREAT!!!! Ladies, take those bio-identical hormones. They are good for you! They protect your health and keep you feeling younger.


Throughout all this, Dr. Litman has been for me, a rock. His dedication to me as a doctor throughout the struggle to get my hormones back on track has been outstanding. He is always ready to listen and always ready to answer any questions. I finally feel like I have my old self back. Thank you Dr. Litman!!!!!”


Mrs. B.
Be’er Sheva




Total Health


It came to a point where I was ready to give up. I tried everything and even medication wasn’t helping. My mother told me about “Dr. Litman” and I didn’t give it much thought b/c everyone has their own school of thought and they think they have the answer when most people don’t.


You know what, no one ever bothered to check my “physical makeup” and see if my “vitamin/sugar/hormone level” were at the right pace. Then it hit me how are people meant to function if we are not getting basic nutrients that are body needs sometimes you don’t have to go far for the answer.


Your health and serenity come before anything. “Dr. Litman” gave me the basic necessities that I was missing. this was the start of a new life of self awareness and taking care of my health. It led me to change my diet by cutting out white flour and sugar. I started exercising 3 times a week.


I started tapping into myself and what I really need to feel good and live optimally.


Dr. Litman you changed my life !!!


Rivka M.





Cancer Remission


Dear Dr. Litman,


I will never forget what you did for me. During a very trying time, you cared for me with much devotion and you brought back my faith and hope.


Thank you for doing everything possible to keep me alive. Thank you for being so caring, understanding, and charming. Without your support I would not have been able to overcome the disease. Thank you for not letting me give up.


In my case, thank yous are almost meaningless, since I will remember you for giving me another chance at life.


With great appreciation,
Aliza Gabai












































Incurable Cancer 
Jonathan Shoham







































































Ulcerative Colitis

























Chronic Degenerative Disease


Dear Dr. Litman and Maya Litman,


We want to thank you for warmly receiving us in your home to treat my parents both physically and emotionally. Dr. Litman received us twice in his home on his free evening, and he used every possible means to help my parents.


Dr. Litman’s diagnosis was exactly right and the medications he prescribed made my parents “new people.” My mother, who suffers from diabetes, fully recovered from a chronic lesion on her leg, and internal infection. Her exhaustion completely disappeared and she now has her health back.


My father has epilepsy and has had a few strokes. He suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts. After a few months of treatment he is now feeling cheerful! He sings, laughs and is connecting with his surroundings. The treatment gave him an amazing recovery.


Both of my parents and I as well want to express our deepest gratitude to you.


We are happy for the opportunity for meeting you and wish you many years of success helping others.




Even Sderot Hashalom 134




Crohn’s Disease


Susan Zehavy
Partners in Torah






































Palliative Care


In Sept. 2009, my father suffered a severe hemorrhage, and after several unsuccessful extubations eventually ended up in a semi-coma and in home hospice care. Because he had been previously diagnosed with a terminal illness, the doctors gave up not only on his recovery, but even on his regaining consciousness. Nevertheless, my brothers and I wanted to do everything possible to fulfil my father’s request, made while still conscious, to see his grandchildren one last time. So we turned to Dr. Litman for help, asking whether there was anything we could do. After a one-hour consultation, I had in hand a list of supplements that could be put into my father’s feeding tube.


After being on Dr. Litman’s supplement regimen for a month, my father began to wake up. After a week he was not only fully alert, he was accepted to a rehab center! The doctors were flat-out stunned by my father’s recovery, especially given his age – 81.


I have no doubt that the properly designed regimen of nutrients and supplements prescribed by Dr. Litman not only allowed my father to recover from the hemorrhage, but also helped him to maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible. My father was alert and functioning, able to interact with his children and grandchildren, right to the end – just as he had wanted.



Robert Klein
Be’er Sheva
email: RBK613 “at” hotmail . com




Reducing Chemo Toxicity


Hello Dr. Litman,


On behalf of my family, I’d like to thank you for the huge transformation that took place in Ricky Stein’s condition (my mother in law’s —ovarian cancer after surgery…we came from the north at the time, we had been seen by you about 1 and a half months ago when she was suffering from exhaustion and loss of appetite.., and had many side effects from the additional chemotherapy…and following your recommendations, there was an astonishing improvement in her side effects from the chemo., immediately after beginning the Vitamin C treatment. Currently, Ricky has begun functioning again, almost as normal.


Clearly we will continue battling the cancer and our path is still long, but we have no doubt that the quality of her life has improved and allowed her and all of us to continue and fight the cancer with greater strength,


For this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Thanks once again,
Eli Kirschenbaum






At the age of 18, I stopped getting my period, and was subsequently diagnosed with a condition called PCOS (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome.) I began a series of treatments since I was not ovulating on my own, yet nothing was successful. We finally decided to do IVF, which is a long and uncomfortable procedure, and this time I became pregnant with twins. During this pregnancy my cervix began to shorten and it ended in a pregnancy loss.


After this experience I decided to look into natural ways, and I was referred to Dr. Litman. Dr. Litman felt that the cause of my PCOS was a

deficiency in a number of crucial vitamins. He prescribed a number of vitamins, as well as natural progesterone, in order to pick up my levels to healthy ones. After about half a year of following his protocol, I became pregnant spontaneously, and had a healthy pregnancy throughout the nine months. During pregnancy the ultrasounds showed that my ovaries were healthy ones, and there were no visible cysts.


I am now a mother to a beautiful baby boy and will forever be grateful to Dr. Litman for helping me put my body back into health so that it can function in the way that it should.


Naomi N.






Emek Hahula 105

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